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Rome, Italy
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Emanuela Marino – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Emanuela Marino was born in Rome on March 31, 1974. As early as five years old, she found out a passion for sport, starting practicing Artistic Gymnastic. This particular sport gave fluency to her movement, improve her strenght and built her character as a resilient woman.

At age of 13 years old she approached to Martial Arts, Kung Fu and Meditation entered her life. Subsequently, she pursued her class schedule at classical gymnasium and simultaneously she started a new sport: the Dragon Boat at top level in International competitions. Thanks to this sport, she became to be close to nature every day and to travel all round the world.

Due to work schedule she gave up competitive sports and she started to devote herself to fitness becoming an Aerobic and Step instructor (recognised diploma by CSEN) in several fitness center near Rome.
Her working life, however, brings her to become a Labour Consultant and today she is an independent contractor with a passion for sports in general, in fact starts practicing swimming and she becomes a certificated professional lifeguard (certificate recognised by FIN) even if she never used her certification for work, leaving it as stock of knowledge. In the following years, she engaged in dynamic activities as Full Contact and Boxing but even in more feminine ones as Salsa.

Her busy work brings her to search for inner serenity and peace of mind and for that reason she starts a spiritual path that brings her to practice Yoga.
Today she is a Yoga and meditation trainer (recognised RYT 250 PLUS) and she has left dynamic and competitive sports to go towards a balance of her mind and spirit and physical wellness and she is eager to pass on well-being to the other people.





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