EFOA Scuola di Arti Orientali RYS 150/250 PLUS/500 PLUS/CEAS Italy

Rome Italy
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EFOA Scuola di Arti Orientali – Roma

Registered Yoga School (RYS/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

The EFOA Yoga School was born in the 70s, from the passion of the leaders Françoise Berlette and Roberto Laurenzi, who have always loved to deepen the practical mechanisms and principles underlying the various forms of yoga.

Thanks to the foundation of Teacher Training courses, they have developed increasingly effective methods for the spread of yoga, and trained thousands of Teachers.

Yoga Teachers Training School: today the School is active in 15 cities, with the collaboration of at least 15 years experienced Teachers, with a standardized program, full of educational material (lecture notes and videos). The lessons are divided into a meeting a month over the weekend, and in one or two summer seminars held by the leaders. In case of absence it is possible to request the full videos.

Postural Yoga Training School: conducted by Françoise Berlette. The teaching is focused on rediscovering the naturalness of movements and positions to rediscover the correct postural attitudes even in everyday life.

Yoga Therapy and Power Yoga Training Schools: conducted by Roberto Laurenzi. The principles and practices proposed start from the activation and management of vitality (prânâ), in order to come into contact and use a form of prânâ enormously more effective powers (prânâshakti).

Intensive and thematic seminars: in addition to the regular winter frequency, it is possible to follow full-immersion summer courses.
The School organizes numerous seminars on the subject of specialization and integration in the various locations.








Listing Title / Name EFOA Scuole di Arti Orientali RYS 150/250 PLUS/500 PLUS/CEAS

RYS 150/250 PLUS/500 PLUS/CEAS

Expiring Date Active
City Rome
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Lazio
distance: 6,887 Kilometers
Address Rome Italy