Citra Yoga RYS 250 PLUS, RYS 500, RYS 1500/CEAS Italy

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Citra Yoga – Padova

Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

The Founder of Yoga Citra, Paolo Proietti, recognised as Yoga Master Teacher by Yoga Alliance® Italia/International, is an Expert Master CSEN, , ASI DBN-DOS Holistic and Oriental Arts Master. Since 1974 he has been practicing Yoga and Chinese Psychophysical Techniques (Qi Gong e Taiji Quan). 1985 to 2011 he worked as professional dancer, mime actor and acrobat for Cinema, Theatre and Television. Among the many others, he worked for major productions of La Scala Theatre of Milan, of the Opera Theatre of Rome, and of the New York “Bill T. Jones & Art Zane Company. He has taught and worked in Italy, Holland, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA (New York).

Together with Laura Nalin, his partner in life and work, he directs the Professional Training Course for Yoga Teachers in Padua (RYS 250 PLUS, RYS 500, RYS 1500).





Listing Title / Name Citra Yoga RYS 250 PLUS, RYS 500, RYS 1500/CEAS

RYS 250 PLUS, RYS 500, RYS 1500/CEAS

Expiring Date Active
City Padova
Country Italy