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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Chi Space Centre – Melbourne

CEAS – Continuing Education Accredited School with Yoga Alliance Australia

Chi Space is a studio that brings focus to restorative practices and modalities that facilitate deep self-healing. It is the home of Pursuit of Wellness, a school dedicated to the learning and practice of Qigong; Integrative and Classical. The founder is Nicole Lee, an Expert Teacher in the field of Qigong, Nicole shares the practice in a variety of accessible ways in order to benefit the wellbeing of a broad demographic. Classes and trainings are available for all ages and all levels of fitness and mobility.

Pursuit of Wellness is a registered Yoga Alliance Australia/International CEAS-Continuing Education Provider, delivering Teacher Training programs in Integrative Qigong. Courses offered are for yoga and non-yoga individuals.

Courses offered:

Module 1: Integrative Qigong Teacher Training – 36 hours

Module 2: Graduate Integrative Qigong Teacher Training – 50 hours





Listing Title / Name Chi Space Melbourne CEAS CE Provider

CEAS CE Provider

Expiring Date 6.12.2018
City Melbourne
State Victoria
Country Australia
Country Australia
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Address Melbourne, Victoria, Australia