Chandra Surya Yoga RYS 250/CEAS Italy

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Chandra Surya Yoga – Roma

Registered Yoga School (RYS/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Nowadays the world of fitness requires, not only a total preparation and perfect physiological level, but necessarily the involvement of the psycho-mental aspect.

n an era where the rush of modern lifestyle affects the rhythm of time, Yoga allows a discharge-emotional contact for one’s wellbeing, harmonizing its daily life.

The Chandra Surya courses will allow, in two academic year, to acquire all the techniques and training methods necessary for the basic teaching of Hatha Yoga.

The structure of our courses, designed for operators in the holistic sector, instructors of sports activities as well as for those who want to master and refine the practice and the essence of Yoga, will allow to obtain an awareness of Yoga principles and the specific teaching knowledge.

Our philosophy “The steps of the heart” wants to announce a new way of teaching, of approaching, of way of experiencing training. The concept of instructor is changed, we must not stop at what is technical, precision, notion but we must succeed, with balance and rhythm, to teach with loving discipline. Everyone has their own energy, but if connected with their inner center will be able to adapt to any class, school, gym, activities. The Master is like a parent, the parent is like the master, but where there is Love there is everything. When you feel the Heart, the teaching goes beyond the technique and the textbooks, everything is really “walking together”. This is the ambitious project of our training, to return to listen to the Heart and bring this Sound in everybody’s path. This is the journey we plan to do together, step by step, breath by breath.






Listing Title / Name Chandra Surya Yoga RYS 250/CEAS


Expiring Date Active
City Rome
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Lazio
distance: 6,887 Kilometers
Address Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy