Centro Yoga Padma CEAS/RCYS/RPYS (CE) Provider Italy

Nuoro, Italy
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Centro Yoga Padma – Nuoro

CEAS – Continuing Education Accredited School (CEAS/RCYS/RPYS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

The Padma Yoga Center Association was founded in 2000 as a Cultural Association with the aim of spreading the existing teachings and techniques to achieve and maintain psychophysical wellbeing, increase one’s awareness and improve interpersonal communication.

The techniques mainly used are those of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The choice of the name Padma (lotus flower) is not accidental: this flower in fact, although sinking its roots in the mud is not contaminated, but blossoms by touching the water and rises towards the sky. In the same way, the meditator, while living in everyday life, can come into contact with his own soul and get to perceive the Infinite that is in everyone.

From July 2013 the Padma Yoga Center is registered as “Amateur Sports Association” and registered with N. 201786 in the National Register of Sports Clubs of the C.O.N.I.


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Listing Title / Name Centro Yoga Padma CEAS (CE) Provider Italy

CEAS (CE) Provider

Expiring Date Active
City Nuoro
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Sardegna
distance: 6,748 Kilometers
Address Nuoro, Italy