Asokan Nadarajan RYT 350 LVL 2 ADV

Perth WA, Australia
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Asokan Nadarajan – Perth – WA

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance

Hi, my name is Ashok. I have learnt raja yoga from various Gurus and have been practising yoga for about 35 years. I am a qualified yoga Teacher with 25 years of teaching experience. I have a full-time government job, and yoga is my life and passion. To earnest seekers, I will be dedicated, disciplined and confident in transferring my knowledge. I am familiar with all the four yogas of bhakti, karma, jhna and raja yoga. Through my yoga practices, through my personal experience, I often experience a thoughtless state. Sage Patanjali calls it ‘yoga chitta vritti niroda”. I know the tools to help you reach that state as well. Thank you

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Expiring Date 30.10.2024
City Perth
State WA
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Western Australia
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Address Perth WA, Australia