Arjuna Espaco RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS Brazil

Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil
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Arjuna Espaco  – Sorocaba – Sao Paulo – Brazil

Registered Yoga School (RYS/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance®

Arjuna Espaco school focuses on the well-being of the human being, in the quality of integral life; the one that contemplates physical, psychic, philosophical and spiritual aspects, having as routes to this millennial teachings, originating in the Indian culture.

Our purpose is to contribute deeply to the personal processes of our students, guiding, giving support and instruction, so that they can not only use the knowledge in their lives, but also become multipliers.

We act by offering regular activities such as yoga classes, ayurveda treatments, body therapies such as Ayurvedic Massage Yoga and other therapies. We work with training courses, offering the training of Yoga Teachers, Training of Therapists in Ayurveda, Training of Body Therapists and even Vegetarian Cooking based on functional and Ayurvedic food.

Complementing our scope of work, we have courses and experiences of a more philosophical nature, which provide a dive into Vedic culture, such as Vedanta, Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra.








Listing Title / Name Arjuna Espaco RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS Brazil


Expiring Date 16.07.2021
City Sorocaba
Country Brazil
Country Brazil
State/Province São Paulo
distance: 7,646 Kilometers
Address Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil