Anna Dal Corso RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Venezia Italy
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Anna Del Corso – Venezia

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) con Yoga Alliance®

I started practicing Yoga on the advice of a friend who then became my reference teacher in the following years. For a long time practicing Yoga for me has been performing Asanas (positions) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) because both of these “stages” of the yogic path have given me physical and mental well-being. I have always had big problems with my physique as an external body and I have never been a skilled athlete, sports have never interested me much, but I must say that with Yoga I have learned to love my body more and taking care of it constantly and even if I later fell ill or was injured in some parts by an accident, Yoga helped me to understand that the body is a means, a space with defined boundaries within which my soul resides, my true essence. So even if it does not correspond to the ideal image to which our contemporaneity has accustomed us, it does not matter.





Listing Title / Name Anna Dal Corso RYT 250 PLUS Italy

RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Expiring Date Active
City Venezia
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Veneto
distance: 6,677 Kilometers
Address Venezia Italy