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Andreas Pagano De Astis – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

I had my first “conscious” contact with Daoism in the 1980s. I then learned from my father, who had been raised in China, that as a young man he had been taught some traditional techniques by Yen Weichü – a then “emerging star” of a historical family of the Beijing Opera.

Thus I began to discover the meaning and names of the practices which my father occasionally mentioned: visualizations to make migraines disappear, soft movements to cure neck pains, how to breathe in order to face an exam with serenity… No labels, no theory… Unknowingly I had been introduced to Qi gong, Nei gong and Nei Dan practices.

Back in Italy I studied Taiji Chuan with Piergiorgio Caselli, Gianna Sabatelli and Chen Bing, Kundalini Yoga with Hari Singh Khalsa, Hatha Yoga with Gabriel Rastelli and Pranayama with Yoss (Giancarlo Miggiano) … But without doubt the most significant encounter in my training was the one with Master Yoga Teacher Paolo Proietti. He invited me to participate in the founding of the Yoga Vedanta Group in 2010, and later urged me to start teaching the techniques of Daoist meditation and Zhan Zhuan (the Chinese “standing meditation” practices) in 2012.

Always with Paolo, after thousands of hours of “informal” practice, I began a formal training path and a research collaboration, which amongst other things resulted in the book Secret History of Yoga, written for Italy’s Sports Education Centre – C.S.E.N. in 2019, and in my becoming Vice-president of A.S.D. Yoga Citra in 2020.






Listing Title / Name Andreas Pagano De Astis RYT 500 PLUS Italy

RYT 500 PLUS Italy

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Country Italy
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