Anca Petronela Ilies RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Anca Petronela Ilies – Rome

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS ) with Yoga Alliance® Australia

I started my experience with yoga for many years. My need to grow spiritually and personally has led me to go deeper in my studies in Yoga as in a theoretical and cultural way as in a practical way. In 2014 I attended a two-year course to become a Yoga teacher in Rome.

By then, I had started my career following individual and group lessons in South Rome, Lido di Ostia (where I even live) and bordering areas. My experience has enriched thanks to my training in pregnancy and as an expert in Kerala Ayurvedic massage.

Notwithstanding my professional career as a Hatha Yoga teacher still I was in search of my inner site. I followed intensive courses and seminars by Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali, Founder of Ratna Yoga, and corrective yoga courses led by Vittorio Calogero, spiritual retreats , meditation and Kirtan acting at Satyananda Ashram in Rimini and many other trainings in Yoga as well as Ayurveda at the Darshana Center in Rome recognized by ONU.

I took part in the Eco Yoga Festival in Civita Castellana on March 2017.

Currently I teach and work:

  • Yoga lessons and massages in Ostia, Rome.
  • Courses at the Centro del Loto in Via Ugo Ojetti, Rome (since 2016).
  • At Yoga Shanti Center in Civita Castellana, in the surroundings of Viterbo (since 2016).
  • At Mata Padma Center in via Lucrezia Romana in Rome (since 2017).
  • From April 2018 at “Ti Rigenera” Center in Acilia, surrounding of South Rome.





Listing Title / Name Anca Petronela Ilies RYT 250 PLUS Italy

RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Expiring Date 17.04.2019
City Rome
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Lazio
distance: 6,887 Kilometers
Address Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy