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Alevtyna Huzar – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance

My name is Alissa Huzar. I was born in Ukraine. I spent my childhood within the walls of the theatre in my hometown. I had my first approach to Yoga thanks to my dance and theatre teacher, who taught me to go deep into myself. At 16, I left my native country and embarked on a journey around the world that led me to work in the fashion industry as a model and actress. This experience led me to live away from family and to immerse myself deeply into introspection. I started practising Yoga everywhere during my travels, getting closer to the awareness that happiness and health, which are synonymous with peace, are not yet normal conditions in this world, and we must protect them very carefully from the intrusions of their adversaries. Yoga is a beautiful tool that leads you towards separate peace, and I wanted to become a teacher to contribute to improving the world we are part of.

Freeing ourselves from a veil of organic and emotional toxins, which rapresent our old habits and fears, helps to bring our true identity back to the surface to live in a healthy, creative, constructive and courageous way, in peace with ourselves and with every living being. This is the real goal of Yoga. And also, the mission of the “Siddhanath
Yoga ”: Bringing Peace to Earth through Inner Peace



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