Alessandra Cinella RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

Rome Italy
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Alessandra Cinella – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance Italia

My name is Alessandra Cinelli, I’m 56 years old, and I’ve always lived in Rome. I married my partner Ilario in February after ten years of living together. I love spending my time with my daughter Marta; she lives in Rome as well. I have been working for Poste Italiane for 34 years. Still, two years ago, I decided to quit my job and devote myself to my passions: I practice yoga, play theatre, being around animals, enjoying cultural events, and I also spend a lot of time with my friends.
Right now, I would love to become an art gallery owner, and I’m working hard towards it while hoping to fulfil my dream as soon as possible.
I’m very blessed to have taken the yoga teacher training class and all its extraordinary related events.

Listing Title / Name Alessandra Cinella RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

Expiring Date Active
City Rome
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Lazio
distance: 6,887 Kilometers
Address Rome Italy