Adam Kaoullas ERYT 200/RYT YIN 50

Koonorigan NSW, Australia
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Adam Kaoullas – Koonorigan

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance®

Balancing our Yin & Yang energies or Pingala and Ida Nadis allows us to identify with our true nature and shed what is not. Being a professional fighter and Yoga teacher has helped me explore the essence of Yin + Yang energy- my personal journey has been an interesting one, understanding this fundamental balancing act.

My name is Adam Kaoullas, I have completed all my personal trainings in the birth place of Yoga itself; India. My beautiful partner and I embarked on this journey together where we learnt the true roots and the authentic practices. After years of teaching I am now running Yoga Teacher Trainings in the peace capital of Australia – Byron Bay and Co own a Studio in Melbourne. My teachings combining the authenticity of true Yoga alongside my 7 years experience in the health & fitness industry and studies of applied kinesiology & nutrition.. This is all aimed at a well-rounded holistic approach to try enlighten students to embody this balance in their own way.






Listing Title / Name Adam Kaoullas ERYT 200/RYT YIN 50


Expiring Date 10.7.2024
City Koonorigan
State NSW
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 15,555 Kilometers
Address Koonorigan NSW, Australia