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Continuing Education Accredited School (CEAS)

The Yoga Alliance CEAS designation was introduced in July 2014 and replicated by another Yoga Alliance in 2016!

More Opportunities, More Exposure!

Members and Non-Members of the Association and Non-Yoga persons can apply

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited SchoolThe CEAS designation is designed for experts in the yoga community to set themselves apart and teach courses that qualify as Continuing Education hours for RYTs ot non-Yoga Persons. By becoming a CEAS, you can offer online/in-house training/retreats/seminars/workshops, recognised worldwide that will enable graduates to be listed on the Yoga Alliance’s Registry as an Associate Member or Associate Yoga Student.

This designation is inclusive of additional Specialty designations RCYS/RPYS/RYS YIN 50/100.

  1. A Member of the Association RYT/ERYT that holds additional qualifications or substantial education and experience in specific areas of expertise (i.e. yoga or non-yoga related disciplines, natural therapies, holistic disciplines etc.). *Evidence are required. Depending on the applicant’s professional background and experience in fields of expertise, may be required to apply for the Expert Teacher, a designation designed for Consultants and Specialists in specific fields of expertise.

  2. A Non-Member of the Association with a Yoga Teacher qualification that holds additional qualifications, certification or substantial education and experience in specific areas of expertise (i.e. yoga, non-yoga related disciplines, natural therapies, holistic disciplines etc.). *Evidence required.

  3. A Non-Yoga Person with a relevant degree, certification or substantial education and experience in specific areas of expertise.*Evidence required. Mandatory to apply for Expert Teacher

  4. Specialty Courses can only be taught by a ERTY/RYT that holds a Children’s, Prenatal, Yin or Trauma Sensitive Yoga qualification.

What are the Benefits of CEAS

Deliver unlimited number of continuing education programs online/in-house training/retreats/seminars/workshops.

  1. ALL CEAS programs are Yoga Alliance’s worldwide recognised.

  2. CEAS graduates (yoga and non-yoga person) can teach anywhere in the world.

  3. Any yoga or non-yoga-person completing a CEAS training program will benefit of networking opportunities and more exposure with a listing on our online Registry as an “Associate Member” or “Associate Yoga Student” combined together or individually with RCYT,RPYT,RYT YIN 50/100 designation for only $ 90 a year. We are the only yoga organisation in the world that values yoga and non-yoga persons contribution through continuing education programs.


  1. Non-Specialty continuing education programs must incorporate minimum 20 hours contact or non-contact. Delivery format online or in-house training. Not practical yoga components can be delivered online because Yoga Alliance does not accredit online trainings.

  2. Specialty Courses RCYT,RPYT, RYT YIN, TRAUMA SENSITIVE YOGA must be taught by a qualified specialty teacher and must incorporate minimum 50 hours of which 90% (45 hours) face-to-face. Only 5 non-contact hours are permitted for this type of courses.

  3. Each single continuing education programs cannot exceed 100 hours.

  4. Continuing Education programs can be integrated into an existing yoga teacher qualification but are not valid to build up a 200 hour or higher yoga teacher training pathway.

All Applications must be supplemented of the documents below (PDF)

  1. Copy of registration with another organisation (if applicable)

  2. Specialty courses, a 250 words maximum program (s) description (title and concise description) number of contact and non-contact hours and format i.e. in-house training.

  3. Non-Specialty courses, a 150 words maximum program (s) description (title and concise description) i.e. seminar/in-house training/workshop/retreat.

  4. Copy Student’s certificate of training completion (the certificate students will receive at the end of the course).

  5. Copy business certificate (Company/Sole Trader/Sole Proprietor). *Australian applicants MUST provide evidence of business registration (ABN/CAN).

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