Yoga Alliance® Worldwide Registry of Yoga Professionals
Yoga Alliance® Worldwide Registry of Yoga Professionals

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Teachers Continuing Education Requirements

As we are considered the most innovative of all Yoga Alliance organisations, we have designed a new continuing education system to meet everyone’s needs. We’ve made Continuing Education an easy tool to advance yoga professionals career.


Every year starting from the initial date of registration, each RYT 200, 250 PLUS and RYT 350 (other levels are exempt) must complete a minimum of 20 or more hours of continuing education activities (contact and non-contact hours). All CE activities completed each year will count towards a higher level of membership.

To be able to claim upgrade within designations, at least 60% training hours must be contact in the physical presence of a qualified yoga teacher.

Teachers can choose from the list below the number of hours per year and modality according to their professional, personal commitments and financial resource. Annual reporting of CE activities should be provided via e-mail

  1. Participating in a Yoga Teacher Training

  2. Participating in a Mentoring Programme

  3. Participating in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Retreats/Lectures (single session or ongoing series)

  4. Teaching Yoga Classes to students (we are the only Yoga Organisation to include this modality). *A Statutory Declaration is mandatory for this modality. Statutory declarations are commonly used to allow a person to declare something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation

  5. Online/Correspondence courses (excluding practicum contents)

  6. Attendance (maximum 5 hours are accepted) at another yoga teacher’s regular yoga class. A signed statement from that teacher, verifying this attendance and the number of hours, is mandatory


  • We DO NOT accept Continuing Education hours completed prior the registration with Yoga Alliance

  • These guidelines are intended to assist RYTs in completing their annual CE return: Supporting Evidence CE

  • Specialty training courses RPYT/RCYT/RYT-YIN 50/100 must be completed in the presence of a qualified teacher in any of the specialties herein listed. We DO NOT accept Prenatal, Children’s and YIN yoga training completedonline.

Who May Offer Continuing Education Programs

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited SchoolContinuing Education can be undertaken with the Yoga Alliance –International’s CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) or a provider registered with a similar recognised yoga organisation.

A list of schools that provide Yoga Alliance Australia’s Accredited Continuing Education Programs is available on web-site: Online Directory



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