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Distance Continuing Education Courses
Yoga Studies - Meditation - Holistic Disciplines 

Distance Continuing Education Courses

We offer a range of internationally recognised correspondence Diploms and e-books on Yoga and Spirituality that cater for a number of personal wants and needs.

Courses are available in a broad range of subjects and are studied by students all over the world.

Our courses are designed for yoga and non-yoga individuals who would like to learn about a specific subject of interest.

Continuing Education E-books

Yoga Alliance’s e-books are available as Continuing Education (CE) credits. Each e-book outlined below will satisfy 10 non-contact hours credits requirement for all Yoga Alliance–Australia International’s members.

Upon completion of the course, members and non-members can request the “Statement of Completion”, a document that confirms the individual have completed the requirements of the programme. *The Statement, it is not a qualification and/or intended to validate CE credits for non-members of the organisation.

Please view each e-book  for details.

  1. Yoga Anatomy

  2. Human Body According to Yoga

  3. Yoga in Daily Life

  4. Hatha Yoga

  5. The Science of Pranayama

  6. Yoga System

  7. Classical Meditation Techniques

  8. Yoga Teaching Methodologies

Accredited Correspondence Diploma Courses

Our Diploma courses are suitable for everyone and employer recognised. ALL Diplomas are accredited worldwide.

Upon successful completion of a diploma course, graduates will be eligible to register with the CMA UK and appear on our online: Directory

Yoga Teachers, these programs are available to you as Continuing Education (CE) credits. Each program outlined provides 10 non-contact hours credits.

Please view each program for details.

  1. Holistic Meditation®

  2. The Healing Power of Chakras®

  3. Advanced Dip Wellness Yoga

  4. Sports Yoga®

Accredited and Non-Accredited Courses Information
  1. All courses are flexible in their delivery and offered entirely correspondence and so are adaptable to fit most students’s schedules.

  2. All accredited and non-accredited programs are valid 10 non-contact hours CE requirement for annual re-registration with Yoga Alliance International/Australia.

  3.  Enrolments are open all year round. Students can start at any time.

  4. There are compulsory theory exams (online) for all accredited programs.

  5. All accredited programs lead to an award (e.g. Diploma).

  6. All diploma courses are Yoga Alliance’s accredited world-wide and employer recognised, certain programs are also endorsed by other professional international associations which entitles graduates to apply for membership with those associations.

  7. Non-accredited programs (e-books) will not attract credit towards continuing education for non-member of Yoga Alliance®-Australia International but may provide an increase in skills, knowledge and application in the work or home environment.

  8. Participants member/non-member of the organisation in non-accredited programs, will not receive an award (e.g. certification) as recognition of completion

  9. Accredited and Non-Accredited programs are discounted 15% for all Yoga Alliance’s members.

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