Yoga Alliance® New Standards for Teacher training

Yoga Alliance Think Different

While many Yoga Organisations focus on addressing problems, the most successful focus on raising the bar!

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new or different and that’s precisely what Yoga Alliance® -International Australia did! “Sometimes it’s those quiet achievers who can make just as big an impact without having to be ostentatious about it.”

In January 2017, after nearly twenty years Yoga Alliance® – International and its associate Yoga Alliance®  Australia and  Yoga Alliance® Italy, were the first organisations to revise and implement new Standards for Teacher Training in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the rest of the world.

Now other Yoga Alliances across the globe are duplicating the Yoga Alliance® – International’s innovative Standards Scheme! Why? because the world is full of fast followers! 

Yoga Alliance New Standard fro Teacher TrainingYoga Alliance new Standard for Yoga TeachersYoga Alliance Italia International RYS-250 PLUS StandardCSEN - ITALY

The first step to achieving High Standards is to lift the quality and status of Yoga Training Programs. Organisations that represent the yoga community worldwide owes a duty not only to the people they operate with, but to anyone who may be affected by the organisation’s activities.

In January 2017, Yoga Alliance® International and its associate Yoga Alliance® (Australia) and Yoga Alliance® (Italia) in Italy in association with the C.S.E.N (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (National Educational Sport Centre), a Body for Sports Promotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI, were the very first Yoga Alliance organisations to introduce new Standards for Teachers Training based on the proliferation of low quality yoga teacher training, and inadequately trained yoga teachers. Updates were made after receiving input from many member schools, renowned yoga experts and yoga teachers from every corners of the world!

These group of Alliances considered by experts and members of the community the most innovative of all yoga organisations, felt that the seventeen years old standards were out of date, and restrictive in their prescriptive breakdown of course content and hours.

Rather than requiring a specified, narrow curriculum, Yoga Alliance® International evaluation is based on the content, number of contact hours, structure of training programs and the experience of the Director of Training.

The creation of more rigorous professional standards is one sign of progress to ensure that teachers will know the subjects they teach and how to teach them to yoga practitioners. The Yoga Alliance® International’s new standards were created to respect the diversity of perspectives in yoga, while still providing a framework for yoga teacher training programs.

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