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Many Yoga Alliances…..Only One Stands Out from the rest!

World's leader for the highest Standards for Yoga Training Programs

We Inspire, Innovate, Create…

Our Manifesto is to bring inspiration and innovation to every Yoga Teacher in the world! We do that by creating ground-breaking innovations that have been adopted by other Yoga Organisations across the globe.

In January 2017, we were the first Yoga Alliance to review and update our 18 years old Standards system based on the proliferation of low quality yoga teacher training, inadequately trained yoga teachers and unscrupulous providers who deliver substandard training.

The revision of the standards prompted another Yoga Alliance on September 1st 2017 to announce across their website: “The Standard Review Project”. We are very proud to be recognised as an organisation that have demonstrated innovative ideas and initiatives impacting the yoga industry worldwide.

What we offer

  • World’s highest Professional Standards for Teacher Training

  • Internationally employer and insurance recognised credential that shows you have met our high standards of yoga training

  • Worldwide yoga teachers and schools recognition. Our members can teach anywhere in the world including in the U.S

  • 22 membership levels for yoga teachers to meet everyone’s needs

  • 10 membership levels for RYS (Registered Yoga School)

  • 4 RYT and RYS YIN credentials to distinguish teachers specialising in YIN Yoga

  • RYS can offer online training for some subjects

  • Discount for all our RYSs graduates

  • Marketing on our online Registry, where you can list where you teach and tell the world more about who you are as a yoga teacher

  • Marketing across our Social Media accounts

  • Yoga Therapists, Non-Yoga Persons and Yoga Students can access our Registry

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