Gheranda Samitha Hatha Yoga Intensive Teacher Training™

17 Day Intensive 200 hour Foundation Level 1 Advanced Teacher Training. Now in Perth!

Become an Internationally Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher with one of the most prestigious and highly regarded Yoga Program accredited with and offered by a celebrated Yoga Organisation.


The Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training™ 200 hour Foundation Level 1 Advanced is the First and only Intensive Yoga Program in the world created by an Alliance Organisation. The Alliances Organisations (U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK and YAI (HQ) are renowned worldwide for setting high Standards in yoga education.

A Certification from Yoga Alliance International is recognised worldwide and confers graduates immediate high status within the yoga industry thus enabling them to build their career as highly regarded yoga professionals.

This highly prestigious  globally recognised program based on the classical teachings of the Hatha tradition including Ashtang, and Iyengar, follow a streamlined curriculum of study developed by a team of yoga masters from various lineages and traditions, physiotherapists, holistic therapists, yoga historians and philosophers to ensure that students receive the highest standard of yoga education.

The aim is to lift the profile of yoga teaching and offer aspiring yoga teachers and yoga students a solid and safe foundation in the art of teaching Hatha Yoga as we develop the next generation of leaders in the yoga industry.

YAA’s certification endorsed by the International Yoga Federation (the largest yoga organisation in the world) guarantee the quality of qualifications based on and in compliance with globally recognised norms and guidelines for Yoga Teacher Training Programs. See the certificate of authenticity: Gheranda Samhita TTC Worldwide Accreditation

Yoga King Pigeon Pose

Upon successful completion of this ‘signature’ course, graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Australia and the International Yoga Federation.

The program is accredited with Fitness Australia and awarded 15 CECs (continuing education credits).

Course Information

*This Course is extremely popular and the number of students’ intake is very limited. It is highly recommended to reserve a place ASAP. Check dates availability: Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training Dates

This training is transformative. You’ll experience an authentic process that makes you look at your own reality, takes you deeper in your own practice, and gives you the skills to teach yoga.

Significant time is devoted to ‘how to teach’, the professional practises required to become a safe and effective yoga teacher so that you can stand with confidence in front of your students.

As part of the course students will be observed teaching, a necessary experience which provide the opportunity to improve teaching knowledge and delivery skills.

Unique aspects of this Teacher Training Include

Part A-Face to Face 17 Days Training provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves 99% in yoga practice, teaching methodologies and techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques, pranayamas practice, teacher ethics, class sequencing and planning for two week straight.

Part B-Home Study enables students to complete the theory components by correspondence (included in the cost). The correspondence component begins 1 week before the course start date to help students familiarise with Yoga History and Philosophy subject and then continues for 6 months, after the 17 day intensive, at a personal pace.

Topics of Study:
Yoga Lord of Dance Advanced Pose
Teaching Yoga Safely
Asana (Alignment Principles)
Class Planning and Sequencing
Pranayama Techniques (beginners-intermediate)
Meditation and Relaxation
Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics
Subtle Anatomy (Nadis, Chakras, Bandhas)
Yoga History and Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Padripika,  Sivananda  Scriptures, the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Georg Feuerstein’s Psychology of Yoga)
Adjustments  and Assists
Teaching Special Population (safety guidelines).
Basic Prenatal Yoga
Basic Children Yoga
Basic Seniors Yoga
The role of a yoga teacher
Sun Salutations (A&B and Hatha Classical)
Using your voice: language and cuing techniques
Use of props

What style of Yoga will Students learn in the Teacher Training?

The program is a unique Fusion of  Vinyasa Yoga (modified Ashtanga Primary Series) and Hatha Vinyasa-Flow Yoga with the integration of Iyengar style which emphasises on body alignment and the use of props.

What style of Yoga Classes Students will learn to teach?

Vinyasa Yoga (modified Ashtanga Primary Series) and Hatha Vinyasa-Flow Yoga.

Who is the course for?

For a select group of students highly committed to the practice and teaching of yoga. Students are given personal attention that is sensitive to their needs and ongoing development.

Upon successful course completion, graduates will have all the tools necessary to begin teaching yoga safely and effectively. From schools to studios, prisons to outdoor parks and corporate offices.


The course is suitable for students serious about yoga that have a one year minimum of continuous and dedicated Vinyasa Yoga (Ashstanga) or Hatha Vinyasa-Flow Yoga practice.

Teaching Faculty

Yoga Alliance Australia’s teaching faculty is composed of highly experienced certified and registered yoga teachers from the Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar tradition. In addition, the Teaching faculty holds Master degree or Ph.D. in fields of specialisation within broad areas, read more here: Training Course Faculty

Entry Requirements

Entry is by strict selection based on the applicant’s experience and commitment to the teaching and practice of yoga before and after course completion. For further information please see: Requirements

Dates and Venue

This course sells very fast. It is highly recommended to book months in advance. For 2014 - 2015 dates see here: Course Dates

How to Apply

Submit the Admission Form and the required supporting documents. Please download the application here: Application Forms


The object of this Alliance is to offer affordable training to talented, dedicated  aspiring yoga teachers with a genuine passion for the practice and teaching of yoga. For course costs see here: Course Fees


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