The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Teachers.

To promote high standards of excellence in yoga education, we have introduced two NEW designations: “RYT-250 PLUS” and ERYT-250 PLUS”.

Members and Non-members of the association are welcome to UPGRADE an existing RYT-200 certification.

A Yoga Alliance-International Australia designation instantly establishes your qualifications and credibility and is a universal, portable measure of your capabilities recognised around the world.

To apply for RYT status, teachers must hold a minimum of 200 hours qualification from a RYS member of Yoga Alliance–International Australia or a similar recognised organisation.

A ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) must demonstrate to have taught a certain number of hours before and/or after graduating from a teacher training.

Teachers (RYT/ERYT) members and non-members of the association can apply for the Expert Teacher, a new designation for Consultants, or the CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) a designation created for ALL kind of experts to provide courses, seminars, retreats, workshops accredited worldwide that qualifies as continuing education hours for RYTs or other category of professionals.

Click one of the Registry Marks below to learn more about that designation.

Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 250 Plus Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 350 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Australia - RYT 1500

Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 200Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 250 PLUS Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 350 Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance Australia - ERYT 1500

Yoga Alliance Australia - Master Yoga Alliance Australia - Expert Yoga Alliance Australia - RCYT Yoga Alliance Australia - RPYT

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Members and Non-members of the association are welcome to UPGRADE an existing RYT-200 hours certification.

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