The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Schools.

We have introduced a NEW designation “RYS-250 PLUS” designed  for providers that aim to promote high standards. Members and Non-members of the association are welcome to UPGRADE an existing 200 hours programme.

To strengthen the value and integrity of our RYS credential, we require each RYS to commit providing high quality Training Programs. In terms of structure, individual training programs may vary in format, length and timing requirements.

Within all Training Courses the criteria below listed must be met

To promote and maintain high standards of excellence in yoga education, our assessment methods and evaluation tools for Training Programs are very selective and stringent to ensure that programs are structured and designed around a set of outcomes to be achieved (competencies).

Before lodging the application please read the registration criteria and the list of documents required. If you believe that you cannot comply with the requirements, please refrain from applying for RYS status.

  1. YTT MUST be taught by a Yoga Alliance-International Australia ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). Teacher Members of other organisations can convert registration to us.

  2. Schools must submit a detailed syllabus outlining its curriculum. The syllabus is a break- down of the training’s content into sessions/topics with titles and descriptions which state what will be covered in the training and what information and skills trainees will learn. 

  3. The ERYT MUST be teaching a minimum of 80% of the course contact hours.

  4. 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours. For example, for a 250 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 225 hours or, for 200 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 180.

  5. 20% of the Training Course MUST be allocated to TEACHING.*Participants MUST be encouraged to practice Teaching.

  6. The correct YAA logo MUST be on the home page and training page of the website.

  7. Schools MUST have their syllabus clearly displayed on their website.

  8. All accepted students MUST have at least one year of documented yoga practice.

  9. All Schools are encouraged to offer post/pre-course mentoring and further training for its graduates.

  10. The Yoga Alliance accreditation scheme requires that ALL schools provide a minimum of two Continuing Education Courses (Specialty Certificates) which symbolizes advanced education and training in a particular modality. Continuing education courses are delivered via the CEAS, or Continuing Education Accredited School, a designation inclusive of Specialty designations: RPYS/RCYS/YIN/SENIOR YOGA.

  11. The CEAS is available FREE of charge with ALL RYSs applications or can be applied for as a stand-alone product by ERYTs, RYTs members and non-members of the association, and ALL kind of Experts who have had a long experience or hold a degree or diploma in a specific field of expertise. Anyone that complete a CEAS training course can access or Registry as a Associate Member”.

Registration Information (ALL RYSs and CEAS for Providers of CE)

Before you file for RYS or CEAS registration status, visit the web-pages below:

YA Spirit of Yoga Standards

RYS Designations

RYS Registration Requirements

CEAS Providers of CE Requirements

How can I Upgrade an existing 200 hours Training Program to RYS-250 PLUS?

ALL existing Yoga Alliance - International Australia’ RYSs can UPGRADE a 200 hours Training Programme FREE of charge. 

Schools member of other organisations are welcome to convert registration and UPGRADE.


  • Yoga Alliance Australia Schools: Submit current Training Program Title, RYSs Registry ID number (see your certificate of registration), evidence of additional 50 training hours.

  • Non-Members: Convert RYS registration/membership first, submit current Training Program details i.e.: Title, training hours (200) and evidence of additional 50 training hours.

  • 50 hours training accepted formats: Seminars, workshops, retreats or extended course content.  

Convert Registration from other Organisations

ERYT/Senior teachers member of Yoga Alliance (USA), Yoga Australia or a similar recognised organisation MUST convert registration to Yoga Alliance Australia prior to apply for RYS status.

To find out more please visit the web-page: 

Convert Registration

RYS Membership Requirements

To maintain registration and continue to use the Yoga Alliance-International Australia’s RYS Registry Mark, ALL Schools must renew Annual Membership. Registration lapses inactivate your profile and your school profile and will be removed from the Directory. To re-apply a FULL registration fee applies.

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