Holistic Meditation™ Online Diploma

THE HOLISTIC MEDITATION® 8 Week Distance Course Diploma Yoga Alliance’s accredited worldwide and employer recognised is a simple, modern, evidence-based, non-religious Meditation foundation course for anyone with an interest in learning and teaching meditation techniques based upon Transcendental Meditation® method (commonly called “TM”) practiced by more than five million people worldwide.

Meditation is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. It is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and make your mind still in order to perceive the 'self'. Through the practice of Meditation, you will achieve a greater sense of purpose and strength of will.

This course provides 10 hours non-contact Continuing Education for  Yoga Teachers to re-register with Yoga Alliance Australia.

By the mid1970s, the body of research on Transcendental Meditation® WWW.TM.ORG showed that meditation produces a coordinated and unique effect in the mind and body, an effect that cannot be “manually” created by brute intention. Within five minutes or so, the body slips into a unique physiological state. This state could never be created by brute intention because it sends us off in opposite directions at once. The body is sent in the direction of sleep’s restfulness-and beyond-while the mind is sent in the direction of waking alertness-and beyond.

Course Information

How is Holistic Meditation® different from other techniques?

Unlike other techniques, Holistic Meditation® involves no religion believes, chanting, mantras or concentration, contemplation or control of the mind. This makes it easy to learn and enjoyable to practice.

What Types of Meditation does Holistic Meditation® cover?

The Training Program focus on a single method and approach for the integrated development of the self from the basal level. It embraces the energy, mind, and body - the three constituents of a complete being. Holistic Meditation™ is appropriate for anyone, beginner or experienced. Holistic Meditation™ is a simple, direct method designed closely to Holistic Specifications—mind and spirit—with nothing added.

Delivery Format: Correspondence-Training Manual PDF colour printable delivered through secure server.

Course Completion Time: Approximately 10 hours of study (to complete within 8 weeks of purchase). If the course cannot be completed within the fixed time, extra time can be purchase (included in the fees).

Course Overview: This Training Course leading to a Yoga Alliance International Diploma (certification) accredited worldwide, is designed for individuals wishing to apply meditation to yoga practice or become meditators and instruct others in meditation techniques. It's a practical, hands-on course in how to meditate. Read more: COURSE CONTENTS

Requirements: To receive Certificate of successful completion, students are required to sit  the online theory test. The test consist  of 50 Questions: Multiple and True False Choice. Pass Mark: 85%

Learning Material: Training Manual (PDF colour printable delivered via secure server).

Suitability: The course is suitable for psychologists, counsellors, teachers, hypnotherapists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and for anyone interested in teaching meditation to others.

Prerequisites: Previous Meditation experience and practice be helpful although not necessary.

Yoga Teachers Continuing Education: Valid to accrue 10 non-contact hour.

Accreditation: Accredited Worldwide.

Professional Credentials: Graduates will be listed on our Directory: REGISTERED HOLISTIC MEDITATION® TEACHERS

Read what graduates say about this course: HOLISTIC MEDITATION® TESTIMONIALS

Enrolments are open all year Meditation course enromner application

Fee: Holistic Meditation Diploma®

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