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We offer a range of Internationally accredited diploma courses employer recognised, and non-accredited distance learning short courses in Yogic studies, Meditation, Holistic disciplines and Spirituality that cater for a number of personal wants and needs. Courses are available in a broad range of subjects and are studied by students all over the world.

Our accredited and non-accredited correspondence programs are designed for yoga teachers (members and non-members of our organisation) for the purpose of gaining continuing education credits, or for anyone who would like to learn about a subject of interest without committing time and money to an accredited programme.

If you are a Yoga Teacher, stay up-to-date with the latest yoga industry research so that you can be the best you can be! Yoga Alliance’s diverse range of courses will help you to expand your yoga training repertoire and increase your clientele, all while gaining CECs for re-registration.

Accredited Correspondence Diploma Courses

Yoga Alliance is an Internationally Recognised Yoga Organisation; affiliated with many other institutions. Accreditation and recognition is an extremely complex issue, given that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of accreditation bodies around the world, and no course is ever going to be accredited or recognised everywhere. The important thing is that you choose education that is going to be meaningful for what you need. Our Diploma Courses are employer recognised, Internationally recognised by our organisation and accredited with the prestigious Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA). Upon successful completion of a Yoga Alliance’s diploma course, graduates will be eligible to register with the CMA UK and appear on our online Directory of Holistic Professionals.

The purchase of any short course will automatically validate 10 non-contact hours continuing education requirement.

Click course titles below for more info. This will bring up the course outline.

  1. Holistic Meditation®

  2. The Healing Power of Chakras®

  3. Advanced Dip Wellness Yoga

  4. Sports Yoga®

Non-Accredited Correspondence Courses

The purchase of any short course will automatically validate 10 non-contact hours continuing education requirement.

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  1. Yoga Anatomy

  2. Human Body According to Yoga

  3. Yoga In Daily Life

  4. Hatha Yoga

  5. The Science Of Pranayama

  6. Yoga System

  7. Classical Meditation Techniques

  8. Yoga Teaching Methodologies

Accredited and Non-Accredited Short Courses

New programs are added every six months. Before you enrol on any of the short courses listed above, please read the information below.


  1. All courses are flexible in their delivery and offered entirely correspondence and so are adaptable to fit most students ’s schedules.

  2. Some accredited and non-accredited courses may require a formal qualification in Yoga Teaching RYT 200.

  3. All accredited and non-accredited programs are valid for Yoga Alliance’s continuing education 10 non-contact hours requirement. Note: Due to the short length of some CE Units, sometimes it may be necessary to purchase two programs. These information are on the downloadable leaflet of every single programme on the Short Courses web-page.

  4. Courses enrolments are open all year. Students can start at any time.

  5. There are no practical assessments or exams for accredited and non-accredited programs.

  6. There are compulsory theory assessments or theory exams (online) for all accredited programs.

  7. There are compulsory written essays for some non-accredited courses.

  8. Non-accredited programs typically takes two hours or more to complete depending on the individual’s personal and work commitments and can entails reading and practice or reading only.

  9. Non-accredited programs will not attract credit towards awards but may provide an increase in skills, knowledge and application in the work or home environment.

  10. The titles of non-accredited programs cannot be the same as any formally accredited titles of Yoga Alliance awards.

  11. Participants in non-accredited programs will not receive an award (e.g. certification) as recognition of completion.

  12. Yoga Alliance will issue a statement of completion to participants on completion of the non-accredited programme. Applicable to some courses only.

  13. There are compulsory assessments or exams for some non-accredited programs.

  14. All accredited programs lead to an award (e.g. Diploma).

  15. All diploma courses are Yoga Alliance’s accredited world-wide, and employer recognised, certain programs are also endorsed/recognised by other professional international associations which entitles graduates to apply for membership with those associations.

  16. Accredited and Non-Accredited programs are discounted 15% for all Yoga Alliance members.

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