Il Piccolo Amrit RYS 250 PLUS/500/CEAS Italy

Taranto, Province of Taranto, Italy
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Il Piccolo Amrit – Martina Franca -Taranto

Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Il Piccolo Amrit, Yoga and Holistic Center offers RYT-250 or RYT- 500 Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Internally-recognized Continuing Education Training Courses that allow graduates to sign up with Yoga Alliance Italy®/International  with the title: RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

Il Piccolo Amrit was established  to divulge the art of Energy Balancing. Created by Roberto Boschini and Catia Longhi in 1999, it wants to look for the prosperity and joy of living in the simplicity and the most elementary actions that have their foundations in each of us.

Through annual, biennial or four-year professional courses, Hatha Yoga Teachers and Ayurevdic Massage Operators are recognized by the C.S.E.N (Italy’s National Education and Sports Education Organisation) with the National Diploma and C.S.E.N.

The School is also  accredited by SIAF (SC149-13) and affiliated to Yoga Alliance Italia® International as a RYS250 and RYS500 and courses are conducted by  Roberto Boschini and Catia Longhi Master Yoga Teacher Platinum Designation.

Through weekly lessons of Yoga at various levels, seminars, conferences, lessons, and personalized tips, you can find your energy balance. It is also possible, starting from simple practices, to work on one’s own spirituality for the awakening of the most ancestral energies, to the self-consciousness.

All courses are activities that are proposed to divulge Oriental culture in general. The proposed activities want to restore balance and well-being, rediscovering the energy potential of each of us.

The Yoga Center Piccolo Amrit offers the following activities:

Four-Year Professional Course for Teachers Hatha Yoga RYT-500 with National Diploma and Technical Card CSEN

Biennal Professional Course for Ayurvedic Massage Massage Operators. National diploma and CSEN technical card and certificate of proven professionality SIAF.

Usui ReiKi Seminars I, II and III levels.

Karuna Reiki® Seminars I, II and III.

EMF Balancing Technique® Phase I-XIII Treatments.

Advanced Courses for Chakra Awakening

Weekly courses of Hatha Yoga in different time slots.

One-way massage courses, even individual, with various Oriental and Western techniques by appointment.

Practical training seminars on various topics of Yoga and Massage.

Director: Sw Dhyan Nirman – Roberto Boschini

Teacher Training Faculty:

Master Yoga Teachers: Roberto Boschini (Ma Deva Shakti) and Catia Longhi (Ma Deva Shakti)  both certified Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance® Italia/International.












Listing Title / Name Il Piccolo Amrit RYS Italy

250 PLUS/CEAS - RYS-500

Expiring Date 30.7.2018
City Taranto
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Puglia
distance: 7,308 Kilometers
Address Taranto, Province of Taranto, Italy