Swami Durgananda Master Yoga Teacher

Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
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Swami Durgananda – Melbourne

Registered Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance®

Swami Durgananda’s natural teaching manner is of warmth, creativity and authenticity.

Her classes emphasise creating harmony between the moving, thinking and feeling centres of being. Students learn how to listen to their body and inner world as they explore flowing vinyasas, naturally aligned static postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxations. Her teaching combines the many different aspects of yoga and encourages exploring the connections and relationships between body, mind, heart, breath, energy and awareness.

Durgananda believes that:

  • The key to yoga is finding a practice that works for each individual, as everyone is unique and changing moment to moment.
  • Yoga is all about becoming conscious of these movements within and without and learning the different techniques in order to become more Self-aware.
  • Yoga empowers. It uplifts. It teaches each person how to listen to their own inner voice and follow the inner energy, the Shakti.
  • A complete yoga integrates the peace, wisdom and aliveness found ‘on the mat’ into everyday living.

Durgananda has been studying and practising yoga and meditation since 1995, following a daily schedule of meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, chanting, study and service.



Listing Title / Name Swami Durgananda Master Teacher

Master Yoga Teacher

Expiring Date 29-6-2019
City Mt Eliza
State Victoria
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Victoria
distance: 16,675 Kilometers
Address Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia