Sedna Yoga Academy RYS 250 Plus/CEAS Italy

Vigonovo, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
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Sedna Yoga Academy Yoga – Vigonovo -Venezia

Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance® Italy

Sedna Yoga Academy is born of the desire to support and train people who are eager to deepen their knowledge in the field of Yoga and Sound to promote a path of personal growth and evolution.

Just like Sedna, the Planet, but similar to the Inuit Deity, Yoga is a powerful tool that allows us to converge within ourselves, interact with the unconscious, and develop a new paradigm. It helps us turn our gaze to compassion, creativity, expanded vision, promoting transformation.

In the training course, the study of Hatha Yoga will be deepened to embrace and cultivate the concept of the “Union”. Hatha means Hatha Yoga (Hat) and Moon (Tha) energy, Hatha Yoga represents the union of the sun to the moon, solar energy, male to the moon, female; When the whole system harmonizes between these energies

Body-Mind-Spirit is in perfect balance and the feeling is that of great Psychophysical Armony.

The positions that the body assumes in Hatha Yoga are, in Sanskrit, Asana. The Asana possesses countless purposes, including giving elasticity to tissues in the respect of the equation: “The body is mindful as the elastic body is elastic.” The aim is to understand the full / void tension / release concept, as in this difference lies the abandonment of all our psychophysical tensions.

Within the training will be deepened topics related to the anatomy and physiology of the human body especially in connection with the Asana to increase the knowledge and awareness of ourselves by being able to teach tomorrow in complete safety and mastering the instruments.

Asana’s practice will become a medium that will help you to know your body thoroughly, perceiving its real needs, to create a harmonious tune between the flows of body, breath and thoughts.

The theme of Breath, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, and Ancestral Sounds will be deepened through Nada Yoga.

Nada Yoga, the sound yoga, is an aspect of Yoga that uses sound, mantras, and music to reach the goal of Yoga: integrating personality, re-connecting with the Divine, present Awareness .

Teacher Training Faculty: Lulù Lisa Bortoletto certified ERYT-200 with Yoga Alliance® Italy/International













Listing Title / Name Sedna Yoga Academy RYS 250 Plus/CEAS Italy


Expiring Date 30.7.2018
City Vigonovo
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Veneto
distance: 6,659 Kilometers
Address Vigonovo, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy