Raw Power Yoga Brisbane RYS 250 Plus

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Raw Power Yoga Brisbane – Brisbane

Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance Australia

Raw Power Yoga has Brisbane’s Leading Power Yoga studios.With Red Hill and Newstead Studios open and looking after some of Australia’s leading professional athletes Brisbane Lions,QLD Firebirds,Brisbane Bullets and the Brisbane Bronco’s just to name a few, our studios are highly regarded throughout the country. Our modern approach to the traditions and philosophies of yoga creates a space of acceptance and respect to all. We embrace consciousness, connection and freedom.

Our classes are the ideal combination of athleticism with play and are challenging, yet fun. You like a strong, inverted class? Maybe a long, slow and deep stretching and meditation class ? Or an organic ebb and flow? We have a class that will give you what you need, on whichever day you need it.

Raw Power Yoga Teachers understand the necessity of safety and alignment to ensure your well-being. We are passionate, dedicated yogi’s who lead by example: we walk the walk and practice beside you.

The Raw Power Yoga studio is brimming with natural light and vibrant energy – this is your space to feel empowered without comparison. Yoga is fun! Strengthen your body, calm your mind and join our community on the mat.

Now you…

What do you need from your yoga practice? Are you sporting an injury? Do you need to de-stress and unwind? Do you want to improve your body shape? Perhaps you need some introspection, time to yourself?

Modern society can take its toll on us: isolation, stress, ailments and body issues. The practice of yoga allows us to be present, to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and poise. It teaches us to honour our body, accept our limitations and realise we are all more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Yoga offers a sense of belonging, creates an open heart and can even heal. You will learn to calm your mind, develop clarity of thought and decrease mental activity through breathing techniques

Our classes integrate a physical and mental flow and will provide the tools you need to unleash your potential: mental, physical or spiritual.  With 6 different styles of yoga and meditation , pranayama being a vital component of the Raw Power Yoga curriculum we are confident you will find something you are in need of to help enhance your quality of life

As you progress through your yoga journey we have our teacher training program ,yoga retreats and workshops from world renowned teachers sharing their wealth of knowledge to all of our students.













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RYS 250 Plus - CEAS

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Country Australia
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