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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Paola Del Monaco – Roma

Registered Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Paola Del Monaco was born in Milan and began practicing Hatha Yoga at nine years in Germany with a teacher of hatha yoga and classical dance. She deepens Kriya Yoga. Practice Bakti Yoga for years at Villa Vrindavana. In Rome she follows the teachings of Yoga Iyengar.

She conducts classical studies at the faculty of Oriental languages ​​and civilizations in Rome “la Sapienza”, deepens the study of classical texts of India for a better understanding of Raja Yoga. She also studies the philosophies of India (Corrado Pensa), Sanskrit (Torella), Hindi (Milanetti). She follows the teachings of Gerard Blitz. She learns Vipassana, static and walking (Corrado Pensa, A.Me.Co and Lama Tzong Khapa Institute). She studies Vedic Singing (Chandra Klee). She deepens Viniyoga and Ashtanga in Rome and Edinburgh.

Paola also conducts studies in India (Himachal Pradesh, Mcleod Ganj, Derhadun, Rishikesh, New Dheli) She studies Shiatsu Masunaga and graduates in acupuncture, you and Qi Gong doctor with Professor Hee Shuhuai of Beijing. Acquires skills in postural and Pilates certifications from NINETEEN HUNDRED (To)

Paola writes in magazines of naturopathy and psychology.

She is the co-founder of the National Referral Yoga Unit with the MPI and signatory of the 2000 Memorandum of Understanding.

In 2005, she was offered the  a position of Yoga area management for the UISP (Italy) she declined the offer. Her post-Yoga training instructor training in the long run, has been accredited in Italy by YANI and internationally by YAI In and YAP UK. She is National teacher trainer for C.S.E.N (Italy’s largest Olistic and Sports Association) and for SATYUGA.


La Via Del Maestro – Book Edizioni Mediterranee 2000

Acro Fly Yoga e Vayu Yoga – Libro + DVD – Book Edizioni Mediteranee 2017






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