Mariaconcetta Giuntini RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
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Mariaconcetta Giuntini – Firenze

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

I’m an artist and a teacher. Since the beginning of my artistic training, I have undertaken a search of strong informal imprint as a reflection of deep inner research. Interest in holistic disciplines has always been with me.

I’ve deepened the interest in Yoga with daily practice, training courses and text studies, finding a strong connection and continuity between the artistic experience and the practice of yoga. I have deepened of the issues related to the body, its presence and intent, the artist’s self-recognition urgency in that process of bodily extension that risks its borders without ever losing it. I consider the movement as a metaphor for the man who experiences a continuous evolution, which is the very process of life.

In my practice, the union between the yoga teachings I received and my professional artistic experience is strong. I practice and propose a yoga of gathering and opening, reciprocal exchange between suspension and movement, which allows to regenerate through the practice of awareness of the present moment and the experience of vital energy that everything lives and permeates.

I’m the President of Fucine Arte Contaminazione Association, which works in the cultural field of study, practice and dissemination of art and promotes the exchange of disciplines. Practices I’m working to combine the yogic and artistic experience, a kind of moving meditation that leads to the heart of itself. Practices Iḿ working for are conceived as projects in become, which draw their foundations from a new idea of experience in which,in the ever-changing relationship of exchange, what changes (and “matures”) is the deeper meaning of the human being. I got certified as a RYT-250 PLUS at the Yoga Alliance® Italia-International RYS-250 PLUS Olistic Network School in Florence, with the Yoga Alliance® Italia-International’s ERYT-500 Vanessa Fabbrilei.




Listing Title / Name Mariaconcetta Giuntini RYT 250 PLUS Italy


Expiring Date 31.07.2018
City Firenze
Country Italy
Country Italy
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Address Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
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