Dr. Rossana De Paolis Master Yoga Teacher Italy

Macerata, Province of Macerata, Italy
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Dr. Rossana De Paolis – Macerata

Registered Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Dr. Rossana De Paulis, is a Hatha Yoga, General Gymnastics, Aerobics and Stretching teacher. Personal Trainer, Lecturer and Coordinator of Italy’s National Courses for Aerobic Gymnastics.

Qualification certificates related to Fitness

• “Phisical Fitness Lady” issued by the International School of YMCA in 1962;
• “Phisical Fitness Instructor” issued by the International School of YMCA in 1964;
• “Aerobic Dance Specialist” issued by the International School of YMCA in 1983;
• “Federal Aerobics Instructor” issued by F.G.I. In 1993;
• “National Aerobic Judge” issued by F.G.I. in 1995.

• “Aerobic and Fitness Manual”, published by FIDIS;
• Video ” Aerobics Gymnastics “, published by the Sports Printing Company;
• Video “Natya Yoga – The Dance of the Breath”.
Fitness Updates at Studies of:
• Larry Padilla and Linda Foster in Rome;
• Martin Henry, Karen Voight, Regina Williams and Mark H. Brunetz in Los Angeles;
• Molly Fox at Ney York;
• Kari Anderson in Washington.
Yoga Updates at Studies of:
• Prof. Giorgio Astolfi for Hatha-Yoga.
• Dr. Emira Geppetti – Astrology – for the Cosmic References in Yoga Practice.
• Master Mark Ben Mayor for Hatha-Yoga.
• Gyani Claudio Gallo for Dhyāna-Yoga.
• The Meditation Center “Osho Kivani”.
• Dr. Virgilio Pau – Medical Surgeon – for the Mandala and Energy Plants Study.
• The Naropa Institute for the “Tibetan Pulsing Yoga”.
• The Yury Institute “Surya Chandra Marga” by Gabriella Cella for Yoga-Ratna.
• Dharam Singh’s “Sikh Academy” for Kundalini-Yoga.

Positions held:
As Coordinator and Teacher in Training Courses for Aerobics Gymnastics Instructors and Physical Education Teachers:
• 1999: for ISEF of Rome – Correction Chair;
• 1997: for the “National Level II Course for Aerobics Gymnastics” for M.S.P;
• 1997: for the “National Level for Aerobics Gymnasium” for the M.S.P .;
• 1997: for the “National Teachers Course of Physical Education” of FIEFS;
• 1996: for the FIEFS “Aerobic and Fitness Sector”;
• 1996: for the “Aerobic and Fitness Sector” of ASI;
• 1995: for the “Sport School” by A. Mezzetti;
• 1994: for the “Aerobic Sector” of F.G.I .;
• 1993: for the “Aerobic Didactic Sector” of C.S.I .;
• 1992: for the “Aerobic Didactic Sector” of C.S.A.In. – gymnastics;
• 1991: for the “Federclubs” M.S.P .;
• 1990: for “Spring of Bu-Do” and for the “AFL” of Libertas;
• 1989: for “Forever Fit International” by Larry Padilla;
• 1988: for the “Fitness Express” by Linda Foster;
• 1986: for the YMCA Training School;
• 1985: for the ISEF of Rome at the request of Prof. Clara Sardella, assistant professor of prof. Candido de Santis.

As Instructor of General Gymnastics, Aerobics, Stretching and Hatha Yoga Teacher

• Since 1996: for the “New Day” gym.
• Since 1985: for the “Body Dimension Club” gym.
• From 1964 to 1986: at the gymnasium of the International School of YMCA.
• Also at: Santinelli Sport Center, Polisportiva “Divino Maestro Jesus”, elementary school “R Lambruschini”, C.S. “Mallia”, C.S. “Aurelio”, “Club 619”, “Body Shop” by Barbara Bouchet, Studio “Filauro”, S.C. “Urban”, “Style”, “KGM”, “Silver Gym”, “Delfino”, “Body House”, “Villa Pamphili”, S.C. “Port Hills”, Gymnasium “Nisticò”, “Physical Center”.

In 2000, setup the “Fitnesstudio Akhila” Dilettantistic Sports Association, and opened the Hatha Yoga Practice and Training Studies in Rome, Avezzano (AQ), civitanova Marche (MC), Montecosaro (MC), Camerino (MC), Macerata.









Listing Title / Name Dr. Rossana De Paolis

Master Yoga Teacher

Expiring Date 26.6.2018
City Macerata
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Marche
distance: 6,874 Kilometers
Address Macerata, Province of Macerata, Italy