Donata Canosa ERYT 1500 Italy

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Donata Canosa (Sant Puran Kaur) – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Donata, embraced the world of Yoga in 1985 during the years that she was livings in Tibet, Nepal and Indonesia. She was in Tibet when she became drawn towards this discipline and took her first yoga lesson inside a monastery. It was Love at first sight. It was from here that she began to study different practices with various Masters.

In 1997, following a serious road accident in which she lost people close to her and suffered from various problems regarding body movement, she was forced to interrupt her yoga for a long time but precisely because of her yoga practice was able to return to a dimension of awareness and strength of intent. She became fascinated by the Kundalini YOGA style that she continuously practiced until she obtained a certificate as a teacher and continued her research by attending the Shib Charan Sing School. Meanwhile, captured by Hatha Yoga she expanded her training at the Hari Om School where she obtained other teacher certificates for the various levels up to advanced. During these years of teaching, she realized that in order to be of support to those with specific problems, she needed to deepen her knowledge and obtain the qualifications necessary for teaching Yoga Therapy.

Her curiosity prompted her to deepen the practice of the 5 Tibetans “The practice of eternal youth” and became a certified teacher of this fascinating and mysterious discipline. She joyfully continues her personal training, taking part in retreats, seminars and continuing her personal practice discipline. She dedicated herself to the experimenting of Yoga in flight until she became a national teacher. She currently teaches in various structures in Viterbo, Rome, Trevignano Romano, Anguillara Sabazia, Civita Castellana, Fabrica di Roma, Vignanello and other schools located in various Italian regions.

On weekends she is always travelling around Italy for seminars on the 5 Tibetan Rites, Yoga and art practices with complete music and movement sequences. In her teachings she loves to blend together the many different experiences using techniques and suggestions derived from different traditions, she works hard on breathing because she believes it is the best tool for getting to know oneself and to penetrate this discipline and for this reason has developed a fluid and therapeutic sequence.


Listing Title / Name Donata Canosa ERYT 1500 Italy

ERYT 1500

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Country Italy
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Address Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy