Arianna Carrer RYT 350 Italy

Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy
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Arianna Carrer – Treviso

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

My name is Arianna Carrer and I was born on the 29th March, 1980. I have always lived in Salgareda, in the province of Treviso. For 18 years I have worked in the dentistry industry as a dental assist and manager of the office. Furthermore I have worked for many years and still work in the restaurant business as a waitress and bartender, it has been a second job which has lead me to meet a lot of friends who are very close to me even now.

In 2008, I returned to my studies attending a 3 year night school and in 2011 I achieved my high school graduation at the Technical Institute of Tourism “ G. Mazzotti” of Treviso, and that occasion I was awarded first prize for my thesis “ Panta Rei ” where I tell a story to Santiago de Compostela, my path through time and space! This had been my first objective reached.

After finishing my studies I started practicing yoga, I left home, took a month off work to travel around Brazil. During this trip I experimented with getting to know yoga, and I appreciated every moment thanks to photography. In the last few years I have introduced to my life the sport of Slackline . It was an amazing challenge finding dynamic balance, so combine the Yoga and this independent activity its one of my objectives to continue working on this. Furthermore I practice Wing Tsun, a method of defense that belongs to Kung Fu.

I love to immerse myself in nature, I adore travelling so I can find the perfect photo “ shot ”. Music has always been with me, and when there is no music I listen to “ silence “. I like cooking and sharing it with somebody!

Listing Title / Name Arianna Carrer RYT 350 Italy

RYT 350

Expiring Date 31.07.2018
City Treviso
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Veneto
distance: 6,659 Kilometers
Address Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy