Arco Brindisi Yoga School RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS Italy

Brindisi, Italy
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Arco Brindisi Yoga School – Brindisi

Registered Yoga School (RYS/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

The amateur sporting and cultural Association Arco Yoga Brindisi was founded in Brindisi in 2005 to promote the marvelous practice of yoga which, when performed regularly, allows one to reach a state of harmony, intense wellbeing and love of life

Yoga is an ancient discipline that was born in the Orient. It is extraordinary because starting from one’s own self, body, breath and mind it allows a person to reach a deeper knowledge of self which brings calmness and patience with one’s self and with others and stimulates a healthy dynamism and profound creativity.

Maria Marti who had been attracted to yoga ever since her youth founded the Association. In 2001 she began to study yoga and quickly obtained the qualifications and diplomas from various schools which allowed her to be nominated Expert Yoga Teacher (ERYT) and Children Yoga Teacher ERYT – 500 Gold Designation e RCYT by the prestigious Yoga Alliance®Italia-International.

Maria Marti is both teacher and proprietor of the Yoga Vidya method and is responsible for the certified training program Yoga Alliance® Italia-International RYT-250. Currently the Association is offering this 250 hour two year training program for yoga instructors (RYT 250) together with internationally recognized Continuous Professional Development courses (CEAS: Yoga Alliance® Italia-International recognized school).

After graduation students can register with Yoga Alliance® Italia /International with the title of RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and if they so desire, after paying the required fee, the Yoga Alliance® Italia-International RYT-250 certificate can be converted into the title of C.S.E.N: Yoga Teacher RYT-250.

The ARCO YOGA Brindisi staff is composed of instructors and collaborators who offer a series of services to the community:

  • Weekly Vidya Yoga courses for adults, children and pregnant women in various days and times
  • Self-knowledge seminars.
  • BHAKTI yoga.
  • Reiki treatment.
  • Yoga summer camp.
  • Library.
  • Yoga classes for schoolchildren directly at school in Brindisi and the surrounding province, with the     Yogagiocando® e ScuolaYogando® projects.
  • Collaboration with other associations and volunteer groups.
  • Collaboration with APS City of Brindisi for the organization of the “Active Sport” project
  • Promotion of wellness and physical exercise with people of all ages doing yoga on the grass as part of the “Dive into the heart” project with UISP Brindisi
  • Worked in Brindisi’s primary schools with UISP and the local ASL Health Department as part of a regional project against smoking in young people
  • As part of World Yoga Day the Association worked with the Brindisi WWF section with the PranaYoga by the sea initiative
  • Collaboration with the Nikam center for psychiatric rehabilitation using singing, theater and the practice of yoga.

The qualified Instructors who work with the Association are:

Giuseppa Marti, Anna Maria Mautarelli, Giuditta Topputo e Maria Grazia Nardelli .

Collaborators: Antelmi Ilaria e Marsella Laura.

Teacher Training Faculty: Rosaria Marti certified ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance®/Italy/Australia.












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