Basic Yoga Poses


Before beginning a yoga workout it is important to know your body. Be able to identify what postures your body is currently unable to master. Do not try to force a pose because you are likely to use bad form, and you will not benefit from the pose. The following poses are just a few of the numerous possible poses. These postures are not to be rushed through. Practice balancing, meditating and breathing in these poses. After mastering these you can expand your knowledge and capabilities by taking a yoga class.

The lotus or padmasana pose. In this posture the body is meant to resemble a lotus flower in the fact that the body will be ideally perfectly symmetrical. Sit with your legs crossed. Your left foot should rest on your right thigh, and your right foot should rest on your left thigh. People often come to this pose to focus on meditation.

Trikonasana or triangle, and it is used to teach your body to maintain a sense of direction. Your right foot should be facing forward while your left foot is turned out. While keeping your body facing forward, slowly bend and reach to your left foot with your left arm. Do not be concerned about reaching your foot. If you need to, you can rest your left arm on your shin. Extend your right arm straight toward the sky, and slightly turn your head to face your right hand. Remember to breathe deeply during the entire yoga workout. Then be sure to repeat the triangle on the other side in order to balance your body.

After you master the triangle you can move into the revolved triangle. The revolved triangle involves you switching the position of your arms and twisting your torso. Your right arm should reach toward your left foot, and your left hand should extent to the sky. Your head should follow your arm that is facing the sky.

Parschvakonasana, also known as the side angle stretch, is similar to the triangle; however, this time you are going to bend your leg that is turned out. If you are bending your right knee, bend and place your right hand on the floor on the right side of your right foot, and then extend your left arm up and over your head. Make sure to keep your right foot turned out. Tilt your head again slightly toward the sky. If you can’t reach the ground, place your hand on your thigh. Hold the posture and breathe. Then repeat the pose on the other side.

Yoga Trikonasana

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